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Arizona 1999. Back then, we built predator and waterfowl lanyards for locals who shared the passion of hunting
and getting outdoors.

Over the last 12 years, our product line has grown to include premium grade predator calls, professional guide
style lanyards and slings, and a reputation that is well known in the predator hunting industry.

Several corporate outdoor companies now purchase our lanyards, along with countless professionals whom make
their living filming and hunting predators. When you purchase a product from us, not only are you buying the best,
your walking away with a product that has a reputation that backs up the quality.
4 Tier Varmint Lanyard
Our most popular call
world wide! This unique
internal tone board to
produce the most realistic
rabbit distress on the
market. No learning curve.
The *RO-S is a squeaker/finishing*
call that is easy to blow and easy
to manipulate.
From the beginner to the
seasoned professional, this call is
superb for calling coyotes,
bobcat, fox, lynx, wolves, and
other predators
Reese XC (Extra Comfort)
4 Tier Lanyard - $32.99
Reese Dawg Collar
~ Unique poured resin sound chamber.
~ Great for catching the attention of the elusive bobcat.
~ Superb for bringing in the wiley coyote to within shooting range.
~ Variety of sounds - from birds to cottontail in distress sounds.
~ More volume than "original" Tweety.
~ Long distance capability and easy to blow.

Made in the USA.

                     Order Your New Signature Series Call Today!                                                                  
Syco Tweety
Twisted Syco
Signature Tweety
Long Range
Let me tell you, I have looked at a lot of shooting sticks, trying to find a pair that are solid legged, not jointed, that are built Tank
I have found them. The Venum Outdoors Shooting Sticks are the "Right Stuff!!!" Solid Fiber Glass Rods, with a molded rubber
yoke, and a gather band made from rubber. I have seen these sticks be put to the test, I saw a pair go across a guys knee and he
tried to bend or break them, he couldn't do it. They are indestructable. And they are affordable for the Average Joe Hunter.

Prices Starting at $39.99 plus shipping.

Available in 2 Camo Patterns and 1 Solid Color, These are:
Kings Desert Camo, NEW Kuiu Vrede 2, Solid Black,
Venum Outdoors is temporarily out of Kings Desert Shadow Camo Premium Sticks until further
But they still have Kings Snow Shadow and the New Kuiu Verde 2
The New GC350 Programmable Game Call
The New GC500 Programmable Game Call
GC350 - Programmable - Up To 24 Calls
with this electronic game call if you are a beginner or a more
experienced hunter that demands expandability. Great for
attracting coyote, bobcat, fox, wolf, bear, crow, raccoon, whitetail
deer, snow geese, wild turkey and much more. If you are a master
of the hand call, take advantage of the remote range and stay
better hidden from your game. The more advantages you have,
the more results you are potentially going to see.

TBO Price: $130.00
Manufacturers in the world.  Our products are derived from years
of experience developing and manufacturing  products for
companies across the globe.  The reason our calls are so well
received, reviewed and recommended is that we studied your
ICOtec is one of the fastest growing electronic game call
suggestions and the failures of the products before ours. We
design and build our products just the way you would. And we
keep them affordable! You have several options if you have $400
- $600 to spend, but you won't be guaranteed better results!

TBO Price: $180.00
The New GC101XL Non-Programmable
Game Call - 12 Sounds
The New GC300 Non-Programmable
Game Call - 12 Sounds
TBO Price: $83.00
TBO Price: $50.00
ICOTec Electronic Predator  Callers
The NEW ICOTec Family of Predator Electronic Callers are compact, durable and extremely effective for such an affordable unit. You can’t go
wrong with this predator call if you are a beginner or a more experienced hunter that prefers a more convenient option.

Stretch your hunting budget without sacrificing features or quality! ICOtec is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality, affordable
technology products for the hunting and outdoor markets. All prey calls are
Here to visit our ICOTec Page to learn more about this Great Little unit!
6 Pocket Cargo Hunting Pant

C3’s 6-pocket Cargo style hunting pants feature deep cut front pockets, rear pockets with button down flaps, and
generously sized cargo pockets on each side. Pants have adjustable waistband for a comfortable fit, belt loops, and
rope-style drawstring leg cuffs to adjust over any hunting boot.

Sizes: Small to 5XLarge         TBO Price: $34.99

We have a few Open Reed & Enclosed Reed Hand Calls.
If there is a color that you would like, we can get it for you!!
We will be adding more calls, plus some enclosed reed calls from Orion Calls!
Here is some pictures of the calls that we have on hand!
Calls Starting at $18.00 + shipping
Red, Grey, Blond
Blue, Black, Silver
Yellow, Brown
Brown, Grey, Maroon
Fine Predator Calls
Calls Starting at $8.95
Lohman/Circe Hand Calls
Predator Calls
Calls Starting at $7.39
PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5
"Dan's version" of the old WEEMS. A 4"
standard call of the industry for decades and
an all-time favorite of many many callers.
Great for coyote, fox, bobcat, bear, cougar,
and other predators. Walnut construction
provides for clear pure natural tone. Expert
craftsmanship shows.
Product Options: Jackrabbit Voice, Cottontail
The Red Desert Howler made famous by Randy Anderson & Calling All Coyotes Video
series.Also Available are the:
Sweetwater Howler, Windriver Howler
Call made by Dan Thompson Game Calls
PC2D Long Range Double Cottontail (shown right)

The “Grand-Daddy” of the Jacks! This call is even louder than our standard PC1 and provides even more
of that irresistible raspy sound predators just can’t resist- and that spells double trouble! New body
style- custom reed, and same great Dan Thompson quality!!

PC1D, PC2D, PC4, PC5 available.
We would like to Welcome MFK Game Calls to Team TBO!
Click a picture to visit
the MFK page

Try the NEW PARVO Predator Call Today!
The all new Parvo allows you to sweet talk coyotes into range. This new howler produces
the crisp clear highs of young coyotes, as well as realistic barks and deeper howls of
mature coyotes. With the patented V.E.T.T. system.

Distemper Open Reed, Dirty Dog Howler, Yipper Yapper
Howler, Dog Gone Howler, Wolf Howler Pack,
Jackrabbit, Cottontail, and Snowshoe Distress Closed
and the New Cat's Meow Predator Distress.
TBO Is Now Accepting Phone Orders with
VISA, Master Card, American Express,
and Discover.
"Dakota Yote" Predator Hand Calls.
1. The “switch barrel” design allows for maximum variety to fool even the most call-shy of varmints.
2. A special sound chamber is built into each barrel for extra volume and great tone.
3. The reeds are in the removable mouth pieces for easy
maintenance and to prevent freeze ups.
4. No gimmicks, just solid design and performance in the field.
5. 9 out of 10 coyotes surveyed in the fur shed said that the last thing they heard was a Dakota Yote Varmint Call!
Dakota Yote "Yoter" $10.00
Dakota Yote "Badlander" $10.00
Dakota Yote "Howler" $14.99
Dakota Yote "Super Squeaker" $10.00
Dakota Yote "Squeeze Squaller" $10.00
TBO T-Shirt NOW For Sale!
Shirts are made as ordered!
Is your fur shed equipped with all the fur handling tools you need to do a good
job of putting up your furs?

Let us help you get the equipment you need to an excellent job, and get top
dollar for your put up furs. From skinning to finish, Wiebe Fur Handling Tools will
help you get it done right the first time!  
Wiebe Wicked Sharp Fixed Blade Scalpel Knife
Order #: fixedscalpel                   TBO Price: $14.95
Wiebe Wicked Sharp Folding Scalpel Knife
Order #: foldingscalpel           TBO Price: $ 29.95
Wiebe Elite Double Edged
Fleshing Knife
Order #: Elitefleshing
TBO Price: $59.95
Wiebe Pelt Scraper
Order #: peltscraper   TBO Price: $13.95
Wiebe 12" & 8" Fleshing
TBO Price: $19.95 & $14.95
When Close Isn't Good Enough, Get Point Blank!
Venum Cottontail
Venum Jack Rabbit
Venum Rodent
Lil' Pup
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Primos Sit-N-Spin Crazy Critter

The Primos Sit ‘N Spin Crazy Critter’s™ stop and go erratic movements mimic those of a wounded
rodent or bird. The small collapsible design of the Sit ‘N Spin™ makes packing it a breeze. The stake
and decoy mount can be unscrewed from the motor and attached to clips on the side of the motor
casing for easy portability. Don’t give em a chance to avoid your setup.

7 In Stock

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TBO is Proud to announce that we are
now a new Dealer for
Crit'R Call
Crit'R Call Song Dog
Crit'R Call PeeWees
Crit'R Call Standard
Crit'R Call Song Dog Jr.
Pick up your Crit'R•Call, any model, and inspect it. They are simplicity at their best, tough, light, convenient sizes and shapes.
The plastic is tough and will last a lifetime if protected from excessive heat. The plastic is selected for durability, flexibility, non-
freezing surface, and most important the sound carrying capacity it has to mimic sound coming out of the tissue of mammals.
The Velocity AR Platform Trigger

NEW: The latest innovation of Velocity Triggers is Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC)
on the trigger which will give your Velocity Trigger the highly effective combination of a
low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness, its also a surface that will not rust
and gives your trigger a deep dark black color.

Simply stated, the Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC) results in a greater wear
resistance over the life of the trigger.

A high quality AR platform trigger (compatible with .22, .223/5.56mm, .30 cal) at an
affordable price of only $150

No doubt about it, The Velocity Trigger makes your AR feel like a bolt action rifle.

Select Your Velocity AR Platform Trigger Today

*Do Not use with 9mm conversion or any open bolt face
Curved Trigger or Straight Trigger,
Small Trigger Pins or Large Trigger Pins
Retail Price is $150.00
Why use Red River Calls?

Don’t you just love it when you are out in the field trying to call in a predator and your call freezes up.  Or your calling buddy can’t call worth a flip.  Or better
yet you get light headed after one series of calling because your call is too hard to blow. Well, we can help.  We have designed our own easy to blow, patented
tone boards and enclosed reed inserts, as well as perfect sized barrels that fit perfectly in your hand with our without a glove. We made the calls easy to blow
so that you can be successful in the field.

Young Coyote Barks
Young Coyote Howls
Baby Jack Distress
Cottontail  Distress
Pup Distress
Bird Distress
and much more!

Rabbit distress sounds
– Medium pitch
Coyote Vocalization –
Barks, Howls, Ki-yis
Bird Distress
Fawn Distress
Easy to Blow,  Takes
very little air
Universal Predator Call
Jackrabbit Distress

This enclosed reed
design makes great
sounding screams of a
jackrabbit in distress.    
By blowing into the call
you get a loud death
scream of a jackrabbit
in distress.
Ki-Yote Howler
This howler is super
easy to use and can
make all of the sounds
of a coyote. The long
tone board design
makes howling a
The Bird Distress call
makes great sounding
high pitch bird in
distress sounds and is
a great choice for any

High pitch whines
Small bird in distress
Enclosed reed design
Easy to use!
Cottontail Distress
This enclosed reed
design makes great
sounding screams of a
cottontail rabbit in
distress.  By blowing
softly into the call you
get a solid true tone of
a soft rabbit distress.  
By blowing hard into
the call you get a loud
death scream of a
cottontail rabbit.   
TBO is Very Proud to Announce;
We are now a Stocking Dealer for
Les Johnson's Predator Quest Hand Calls!!

Ruffidawg Open Reed Series:

Ruffidawg, Ruffidawg Jr.
Ruffidawg Coaxer

Predator Quest Deluxe Open Reed
Jack Rabbit and Cottontail

Predator Quest Open Country Enclosed Reed

Prices Start at: $18.00 to $29.95
Officially Field Tested - 8 Coyotes Called in During the Blast from the Past Tournament!!
2 Rivers Predator Calls is an Idaho Call Maker, from right here in my backyard. IDAHO HOMETOWN PRODUCED!

Bob Roper is a long time friend and hunting buddy! He and I have spent alot of time out on calling stands together,
so he understands what it is that makes for a good hand call, and what it should sound like and the feel in your hand
is very important also.
2 Rivers offers 3 voice sounds, Jack Rabbit, Cottontail, and Coaxer (high pitch distress), he also offers several
different wood kinds, ie: Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Hickory.
If you would like one turned from an Exotic Wood, Please contact us here at TBO, and or call Bob to ask about wood
types and costs of those woods.
Your "One Stop Custom Calls Shop!"
TBO Phone Number is 208-365-7393
Timber Butte Outdoors Is Proud to announce that we are now a DEALER for
Complete 22 Nosler AR15 Upper, Built to your specs, 18" Stainless steel Barrel,
choose the hand guard(02 Lite or Standard), Gas Block - low profile stainless or
Aluminium nitride finish, includes complete bolt group, Gas Tube, Odin Works
Upper receiver, extended release Charging Handle! Dust Cover installed. Ready to
add your lower and shoot!
Out the door: TBO Price: $807.99 MSRP: $1000.00 You Save $192.01  
Built in Idaho USA!
Call Us for Availability of what you need! 208-365-7393 Lets Chat!
Need Magazines?? We have Magpul, Hexmags, C Product Defense,
for AR15,AR10, AK/AKM - 223/5.56, 22 Nosler, 6.5 Grendel, 300 Blackout, 7.62x39.
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BRASS BUTTER is Back! We have a new supply!
Brass Butter was bought from Brass Guys when they closed their business!
ACCURA Outdoors bought the formula, They Now are making the Best Case Lube on the market! ACCURA is the home of the
Power Belt Black Powder Bullets, Based right here in SW Idaho!
ACCURA also has a line of Bullets for sale, They have .380, 9mm, .38/357, .40 cal, .45, .30 Cal, 120gr SP. Prices Range
from: $11.25/100 to $16.85/100. Quantities Available 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000.   

Reloaders, if you want to take the hassle out of case lube and cleanup, You want to use the best! Spray your cases, allow a
few minutes to dry, then begin loading, the liquid will dry, and leave a dry film of lube. Wonderful stuff! The Best I have ever
used, at an affordable price! Just 10.00 a spray can! Cost less than the Competition!
Reese Outdoors
Surge Series
Predator Pack
The Surge Predator Pack was designed to meet the needs of the modern day
predator hunter.
Built by a predator hunter, for predator hunters, this pack has a number of features that are lacking in
other similar bags that are out on the market. There are so many upgraded features in this bag that it
will become your regular bino pack during your general hunting season as well!
Available in Coyote Brown, White MultiCam, Green MultiCam, White Rain.
Packs are $99.95. Accessories also available, Radio/GPS Pouches, AR15 Mag/Bottle Pouches.
Reese Predator Packs